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We create photo content for your...


our concept

We take content pictures for your business:

Less time consuming – you don’t need to organize a whole photoshoot by yourself or hire an expensive agency. You can send us your ideas and we will create these pictures for you!

Low Budget – you can choose between different options for your content creation. We give small businesses the chance to get professional pictures of their products as well.

Fast content – get your ideas out there right after they pop into your mind. We are able to create your photos in short notice and are always happy to do a last minute photoshoot.



Sustainability is an important topic for every business nowadays. We designed a concept for a more sustainable way to produce photo content for your business:

Reduce your business’s carbon footprint because you don’t need to fly or drive to organize a photoshoot! Because we will take not only your product but different kind of products with us for content trips around Northern Germany, Denmark or to tropical destinations. With this concept we will all together reduce the impact on our world!

up north

Our experience – As Hanok is based in Kiel close to the North- and Baltic Sea, we are able to create beach and maritime lifestyle pictures all year around. Our experience makes it possible to capture the best lights around Northern Germany and Denmark.

Our promise – Send us your ideas and products and you will receive your personalised content pictures (for your website/Instagram) within 10 days!


Twice a year we are travelling to tropical destinations around the world to take pictures for our sun seeking clients such as bikini brands or sunscreen producers. You don’t need to fly to these destinations, organize locations and models. We will just take your products with us and create beautiful images. This content creation is available for March/April and November/ December.

Contact us now to be part of our next content trip!


We love sports! It’s our passion to create sportive and dynamic images. One big part of our indoor daily lives are gym & workout pictures. But we love to play in the nature as well and take photos of watersports or running. We are professional athletes in windsurfing and surfing.

If your products are fitting in this category please let us know and we are excited to create content for you!


„Beautiful work! Love how you use the natural light of the sun, stunning backgrounds by mother nature, and you really managed to capture Mayla´s radiating beauty and happiness in these images! Thank you! Will definately work with you again.“

Monique – Owner & Designer of Monique Rotteveel

„Die Zusammenarbeit mit „Hanok Up North“ war absolut angenehm und unkompliziert. Unseren Wünschen wurde entgegengekommen und die Aufträge super schnell ausgeführt. Sicherlich werden wir Hanok in Zukunft für weitere Projekte buchen.“

Mark – CEO of Cari Watches

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